Neuromancer homo punk Leatherfaggette. Fairy wearing boots. DanDIY, goth detective. Craves S&M as a slapstick way of life. Queer as a three sleeve sweater. Loves cryptozoology, punk, surrealism, queer feminism, the radical posibilities of humor, BDSM and glitter rock. Also a hyper-obsessed "The Mighty Boosh" nrrrd.

I'm from Argentina, so I'll be posting amphibianly: half in Spanish/half in English (it can turn a bit messed up because my English is pure DIY and my words tend to be be the scribblings of a flowerish musketeer).


I know that I’m going to sound as a huge awkward nerd (which I am of course), but when I was a kid I’ve developed a massive crush on this animated version of “Beetlejuice”. Maybe that’ll be the reason wht I have a tremendously soft spot for charming, uncanny, sardonic dandies with a taste for surreal sadism. 

Mods vs rockers, first bits of a comic strip in process. Quadrophenia (one of my ten faves movies from all the times) meets slash. Sorry for the crappy quality (especially in the last drawing, I didn’t know what to do with Jimmy’s little boots).   

Jimmy the mod: -But I’m a mod!

Kevin the rocker: -And I’m a rocker!

Random mod friend of Jimmy: -oi Jimmy!/fuck off, rocker!

(he’s gone… alright then)

PS: poor Vespa