Neuromancer homo punk pirate Leatherfaggette. Apprentice. Fairy wearing boots. DanDIY, goth detective. Craves S&M as a slapstick way of life. Queer as a three sleeve sweater. Loves cryptozoology, punk, surrealism, queer feminism, the radical posibilities of humor, BDSM and glitter rock. Also a hyper-obsessed, "The Young Ones"/Rik fucking Mayall/"The Mighty Boosh" nrrrd.

I'm from Argentina, so I'll be posting amphibianly: half in Spanish/half in English (it can turn a bit messed up because my English is pure DIY and my words tend to be be the scribblings of a flowerish musketeer).


I can’t believe it. I’m fucking torn to pieces. Desperately, lots of love from here, wherever you are; as a close friend of mine said: “our warrior of language and imagination: the person who taught the strange kids from the cold and windy south to be free is gone”.  


Macky Corbalán, lesbian feminist poet and activist from Neuquén, Argentina and a magical being and friend, if you don’t know her, please read and share her poems with yourself and everybody. You can find them here:


This image is a stencil/work of urban poetry from mementomoritattoosur and it’s from one of her poems. It says: “human, that’s my only poison”.


El ómnibus cruza el paisaje, 

como una flecha incontrolable; 

en su interior, 

la pasajera de arena 

culmina una nota de adiós 

y abre la ventanilla. 

(“S/T”, Macky Corbalán, La Pasajera de Arena)

I think of you and I embrace you with all my strengths, my poet friend. I’ll try not to think (or feel) in anything more than your smile, the images in your poetry and your complicity with all the the detours, all the beauty, all the things intense. This one is for you. I love you. 

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Come to me sweet distraction and take me away from all those haunting deadlines <3

  • name: Morgan
  • nickname: Bambi
  • birthday: February 7
  • sexuality: pan/bisexual cocksucker rimlicker from hell sadomasochist Leather fag ^^
  • height: 5’4some”
  • timezone: UTC/GMT
  • date and time were I am: 9/12 21:59
  • average nightly sleep: it depends the station of the year; but I’m totally a night child. In these days, it can depend between 5 or 6 hours of sleep (but not at night!).
  • otp: Rick Pratt/Vyvyan Basterd, Vince Noir/Howard Moon, Walter Benjamin/Bertolt Brecht, Richey James/Nicky Wire   
  • last thing I googled: Journal Transformative Works and Cultures cuz I’m such a nrrrd (well, not the last bit)
  • last thing I said to a family member: ’bye, bye’, I guess?
  • place that makes you happy: some balcony at night in the city
  • how many blankets I sleep under: loads! It’s near to spring here and I still sleep with six blanket and hot water bag cudling my feet. But I love cold indeed
  • favorite beverage: chocolate and mint tea with loads of honey
  • last movie I saw in cinemas: Damian Szifron’s “Relatos Salvajes”
  • advice to followers: become yourselves more intense every day (it was a good friend of mine’s advice actually) 

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“Take 9-11. That means something in the United States. The “world changed” after 9-11. Well, do a slight thought experiment. Suppose that on 9-11 the planes had bombed the White House, suppose they’d killed the president, established a military dictatorship, quickly killed thousands, tortured tens of thousands more, set up a major international terror center that was carrying out assassinations, overthrowing governments all over the place, installing other dictatorships, and drove the country into one of the worst depressions in its history and had to call on the state to bail them out. Suppose that had happened? It did happen. On the first 9-11 in 1973. Except we were responsible for it, so it didn’t happen. That’s Allende’s Chile. You can’t imagine the media talking about this.”

— Noam Chomsky (via padarnaalat)